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Interviews and Reviews

Book Review - Jaws of Life

Colorado Review

Who's Telling Appalachia's Story? Appalachian Writers Discuss Their Work

Inside Appalachia, West Virginia Public Radio

Laura Leigh Morris' Jaws of Life spotlights the recent struggles of her home state of West Virginia

The Greenville Journal

Reading Envy 121: Love, Lust, Loss, and Longing

Reading Envy

On Fracking: A Writer's Revolt against an Extractive Industry in West Virginia

Booktimist: A Blog about Books and Culture from West Virginia University Press

Getting It Right

The Observer

"Jaws of Life" by Laura Leigh Morris

Story 366

"I try to convey the richness of what it means to live in West Virginia"

Speaking of Marvels: Interviews about chapbooks, novellas, and books of assorted length

City Books' Shelf Life Episode 11: Laura Leigh Morris

City Books' Shelf Life Episode 14: Laura Leigh Morris and Natalie Sypolt: Appalachian Writers

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