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Laura Leigh Morris

Laura Leigh Morris is the author of The Stone Catchers: A Novel (UP Kentucky, forthcoming in 2024) and Jaws of Life: Stories (West Virginia UP, 2018). She lives in Greenville, South Carolina, where she teaches creative writing and literature at Furman University. Before that, she spent three years as the National Endowment for the Arts/Bureau of Prisons Artist-in-Residence at Bryan Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas. She’s previously published short fiction in JMWW, Laurel Review, Appalachian Heritage, Louisville Review, Notre Dame Review, and other journals.


Originally from north central West Virginia, all of her fiction is set there, the place she is most at home. From the landscape to the rich variety of people to the long history of resource extraction, the region serves as a rich backdrop to both her life and her stories.


She has recently finished her first novel and is beginning her third book.

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